Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Executive Protection in CA - Do You Need It?

When you hear the term "bodyguard" most people either think of the famous movie, or picture a man in a suit with an earpiece who speaks into his sleeve. They imagine that the only people who are entitled to personal protection are high level politicians or celebrities. But with the ever-increasing threats of extortion, kidnapping and workplace violence, you might be surprised to know that hiring a bodyguard for executive protection is becoming more common - and necessary for many. It might be time to ask yourself if you are in need of personal protection. Here are just a few examples of people who benefit from the service of a bodyguard.

Lawyers and Defendants

You have a high profile case that is emotionally or politically charged. Protestors stand outside the courthouse, the news cameras pester you for comments, you are defending someone who has made a lot of people angry. Some of these people may wish harm upon the defendant - and you for defending him. Anger and the desire for revenge can cause someone to think illogically and want to carry out an act of violence against you. People know your schedule; they know where you work. Even worse - they know where you and your family live. You need personal protection during this time. If your client is not behind bars during the trial, he likely will need it as well. Avoid a possibly dangerous situation by protecting the both of you.

Corporate Executives

You run a large multinational corporation that is worth a great deal of money. Now imagine someone wanted to hold you hostage for ransom. They could get their hands on a pile of your cash by grabbing you off the street while you are looking at your phone, answering emails. Have another pair of eyes looking out for you in case you are a target.

Mass Layoffs

We've all heard the horror stories about a disgruntled employee who goes back to his former place of employment to get "revenge" on those who have wronged him. When your company is forced to lay off employees, it can easily turn into a hostile termination situation. Having executive protection for the office and the employees in it during a time of mass layoffs is really not optional. You are dealing with anger and extreme emotions and desperation by those who have been terminated. Protecting your workers is a top priority.

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